Photo by Andrew Youngson.

Daniel Knowler is a guitarist, songwriter and sound artist. From 2008 – 2019 he was a member of noise rock band The Infinite Three.

He was a founder member of the UK rock band Leisur Hive from 1995 until 2008; In the late 2000s Daniel performed as a member of Cindytalk;  He provides vocals and lyrics for avant-rock trio Slunq; He has released ambient/drone/noise music as Sweetie and released his most recent instrumental solo album, Hypersurface, in 2018.

After ten years of touring and recording, The Infinite Three came to an end in 2019 after the death of drummer Paul Middleton.  In March 2020 Daniel started a new songwriting project called The Shining Tongues with contributions from Samuel Mclaughlin (The Infinite Three), Orlando Harrison (The Alabama 3), Robin Jax (RobinPlaysChords), Ben Mclees (This Is Radio Silence) and others. A debut album is due for release this year.