Gravity Drones – Planning Stages

Gravity DronesI’m writing some material for my next instrumental solo release. It’s going to be quite different from the last one.. I’ve been playing around with elongated acoustic drones generated by gravity. No, wait, come back! It’s not as ludicrously self-indulgent as it sounds!

I’m basically experimenting with allowing different objects to gradually fall onto or across openly tuned steel strings and attempting to put the most sonically pleasing results together as short pieces of music. So far it’s sounding pleasantly organic and woody and far more listenable than the above description might have you believe!

Some work-in-progress mixes will be posted either here or at the Actual Size Music website in due course.

For now though, if you haven’t yet got hold of my recent album, ‘Blank River’, you can do so (and thus help me to fund the above project!) right here.