Whether you need a fresh pair of ears on a multitrack studio session or want to get your home-recorded music mixed to a professional standard, my remote mixing service is ideal for bands and musicians on a budget who need a high quality finished product.

What is Mixing?

Mixing is the process of balancing all the individual sounds and elements of a recording to make them feel like a solid, cohesive song, in line with the artist’s vision and aesthetic.

Depending on the recorded material this could be anything from balancing the volume and frequencies of a professionally recorded rock band to surgical correction and enhancement of poorly recorded audio.

Ultimately a good mix will be whatever serves the creative vision of the artist whether you’re going for a polished commercial sound, or a deliberately loud and dirty approach.



Each project is different so please contact me for a detailed quote – please include as much information about your project as possible as well as any deadlines you’re working to.