The Infinite Three – Ascension Zone

Good morning comrades. I’ve been a bit quiet on this website for a while since most of my time has been spent completing the new instrumental album from my band project The Infinite Three. It’s released today as a limited edition CD and an unlimited download. It’s also available from all the usual streaming […]


Here’s a new piece for an imaginary film soundtrack. It features my slightly wonky (yet extremely tidied up!) cello playing. To license this track for you film or video project visit my Songtradr page.

The Pulse

Here’s a new piece I recorded here at The Banks of the River Effra. The Pulse is the first completed track from my new solo album which will be finished when I get five minutes of fucking peace very soon. Hopefully. I’ve been messing around with recording and playing techniques influenced by the works of […]

Mogwai – Rock Action

Back when Simon Reynolds coined the term “Post Rock” in his review of Bark Psychosis’ debut album ‘Hex’, Mogwai were still a mere glint in Glasgow’s underground rock eyes. “Post Rock” has of course become somewhat meaningless as a marker of left-field music. Today the optical wires are saturated with countless floaty instrumental guitar bands […]

Some Thoughts on Instrumental Rock Music

Traditionally rock music, or more specifically ‘rock n roll’ was always about the frontman. The myth of the amoral yet Christ-like cult leader bleeding out his emotional liquid all over the stage, the band merely a backdrop to his savage excesses. This myth, like many musical myths, is of course nonsense. And it’s the breaking […]

Black Triangle Video

I’m really pleased to tell you that some of my music appears in a video by film maker Douglas Caldrow about the excellent work of disability rights campaign group Black Triangle. The track used in the film was ‘Reversals‘ from my previous album Silvery Beast. If you are interested in using my music for film, […]