New music from The Shining Tongues

My (relatively) new band, The Shining Tongues, has a new single due for release this week.  Make Us Eat was recorded with help from Robin Jax of RobinPlaysChords (additional guitars) and Andrea Kerr of Living With Eating Disorders (backing vocals) as well as myself and Sam Mclaughlin as usual. The single is released later this […]

New music from The Infinite Three this month

I’ll have some news of some new solo / soundtrack work soon, but for now.. Here’s some news from / about my ongoing band project with Paul Middleton and Samuel Mclaughlin. Innocence EP – And Other News

The Pulse

Here’s a new piece I recorded here at The Banks of the River Effra. The Pulse is the first completed track from my new solo album which will be finished when I get five minutes of fucking peace very soon. Hopefully. I’ve been messing around with recording and playing techniques influenced by the works of […]

Lucky Beast released tomorrow

Lucky Beast is the new album from The Infinite Three (my band with Samuel Mclaughlin and Paul Middleton) and is released tomorrow, Friday 22nd April. You can hear the song Partisans from the album at Spill Magazine, here.

New Album – Blank River

My new solo instrumental album, ‘Blank River’ is out now. Eight wordless songs of cinematic textures, post-rock crescendos and plaintive drone-pop. Blank River by Daniel Knowler The music on this record picks up where Silvery Beast left off and travels into slightly more psychedelic post-rock / drone-influenced territory.  You can download the album now from […]