Just about to launch into the first take with The InSect’s Michael Watkin.

Last weekend I was wearing two hats – that of producer and stand-in drummer for the gothic post-punk band The InSect. They’d enlisted me to help with the recording of a new single, Inside Out Boy / Mr Everything to be released on their own label later this year.

We spent a very enjoyable day at Brixton Hill Studios working with their very talented in-house engineer Alessio Costa, tracking drums & bass along with a few layers of guitar overdubs.

Eschewing the use of a click track, we recorded the bass, drums and guide guitar and vocals in the splendid live room at Brixton Hill to get a dynamic and natural sounding performance, albeit with a few judicious edits courtesy of Alessio’s Pro Tools skills.

The main focus was to get a good strong drum sound, most of which was focussed on two Nuvo ribbon mics arranged in a Glyn Johns set-up, along with a few spot mics for the kick, snare and toms.

Editing bass with The InSect’s Steve Williams and Alessio Costa in the control room at Brixton Hill.

The recordings have turned out brilliantly despite my somewhat limited drumming skills (!) and I’m looking forward to getting into mixing these songs very soon. You can hear The InSect’s previous music at https://wearetheinsect.bandcamp.com.

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Ed · January 13, 2022 at 8:07 pm

Thanks, Dan.
Was great working with you on “Inside Out Boy” and “Mister Everything (and fall)”… and thanks for the drums!
Looking forward to getting together for our next recording session.

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