The Infinite Three – Ascension Zone

Good morning comrades. I’ve been a bit quiet on this website for a while since most of my time has been spent completing the new instrumental album from my band project The Infinite Three. It’s released today as a limited edition CD and an unlimited download. It’s also available from all the usual streaming […]

Mogwai – Rock Action

Back when Simon Reynolds coined the term “Post Rock” in his review of Bark Psychosis’ debut album ‘Hex’, Mogwai were still a mere glint in Glasgow’s underground rock eyes. “Post Rock” has of course become somewhat meaningless as a marker of left-field music. Today the optical wires are saturated with countless floaty instrumental guitar bands […]

Some Thoughts on Instrumental Rock Music

Traditionally rock music, or more specifically ‘rock n roll’ was always about the frontman. The myth of the amoral yet Christ-like cult leader bleeding out his emotional liquid all over the stage, the band merely a backdrop to his savage excesses. This myth, like many musical myths, is of course nonsense. And it’s the breaking […]